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Installing a sliding door eliminates the problem of deflection and frees the walls to install furniture and interior decoration at will. System D explains how to proceed with the installation.

Put yourself a pocket door

The door moves in a discharge box which is integrated in the thickness of the partition (have a minimum thickness of 10 cm). The set is dressed with plasterboard to integrate perfectly with the masonry.
The mounting of a sliding door of this type takes place in three steps:

Fixing the casing of a sliding door

The box is fixed in the future partition. The mounting differs according to the nature of the partition.

Mounting the casing of a pocket door

mounting a sliding door: the box

1. Discharge box
2. Metal chassis
3. Sliders
4. Spreader
5. Clamps
6. Horizontal rails
7. Drywall
8. Metal furs
9. Metal rails

Laying the cladding of a pocket door

The assembly of the partition is finalized to cover the box. It is lined with drywall or plaster to blend and disappear completely in the carpentry.

A sliding door in a plaster tile wall

installing a sliding door in a plasterboard partition

In the case of a wall made of plaster or plasterboard bricks, the box is covered with a fine mesh, then roughened with cement mortar, then smoothed and smoothed with plaster or plaster.

A sliding door in a partition in BA13

installation of a sliding door in partition in BA13

In the case of a plasterboard partition, the box is kept at the periphery by the rails and metal furs.
It is then covered with one or more plasterboards.

Installing the sliding door

The door is equipped, then mounted on its rail. The vertical decorative uprights and the high cross are then put in place. Then there is only to put a hardware hardware (crutches, locks...) thin and flat that slide smoothly into the against-wall without bumping against the doorframe.

Diagram of a composition of a pocket

composition of a sliding door

10. Guide rail
11. Door
12. Stopper
13. Stirrups
14. Trolley
15. High cross
16. Protection plate
17. Finishing amounts

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