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The patterned tiles are back!
Their colorful designs jostle the simple order of plain tiles and bring fantasy into your decor. Thus patterned tiles, redone identically or updated by contemporary artists enter without difficulty into our modern homes.

Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles

For patterned tiles, dare color and blends

To give pep to your floors let yourself be seduced by motives:

  • reasons floral or geometric (cubes, rosettes)
  • reasons traditional arabesques, interlacing or stylized flowers.
  • reasons vintage as if you had recovered them in a house of 1900.
  • Ethnic motifs.
  • Original motives of creators or artists designers.

The choice of patterns are numerous as well as the colors. The trend of the moment is also mixed tiling where you mix tiles of different colors and patterns to form a colorful patchwork and unique.
Often to create a complete pattern, you must assemble 4 tiles. But you can also mismatch them.
The dimensions of the patterned tiles, according to the different types, range from 5 cm X 5 cm up to 30 cm X 30 cm.

Patterned tiles for which rooms in the house?

In fact you can use them everywhere for any room in your house. But beware of excesses. A room of reduced dimensions will seem all the smaller as the decoration of the ground will be charged. Match the tiling patterns and their color to your furniture. Furniture and floor must value each other.

But you do not have to tile the entire floor with patterned tiles.

  • Deployed as A frieze around a room, they will give it an original character and like no other.
  • Create a tiling carpet delineating around the table of the dining room a geometric or vintage pattern.
  • Sprinkle a plain tile of colored tiles with ethnic or designer motifs.
  • Emphasize simple-looking furniture with a tiled mix or a piece of floor decorated with rosettes and brightly colored interlacing.

The different types of patterned tiles

The oldest are zellige tiles which adorn the most beautiful monuments around the Mediterranean since the tenth century. Cement tiles born around 1850 in the south-east of France come back strong with their retro side. More recently, enamelled porcelain stoneware has taken the fashion band on the move, now adorned with vintage or traditional patterns.

  • Zellige tiles: Made from clay and often enamelled, they have the unique charm of handmade materials. Irregular in their appearance but presenting motives of great finesse, they testify to ancestral know-how and adapt completely to our current decorations.
  • Cement tiles: They are made of white cement, marble powder and colored pigments. These tiles are not cooked but passed under a press and dried. Their colors are never completely united, which gives them a great authenticity.
  • Glazed porcelain stoneware tiles: These are fired ceramics made from clay. The proposed patterns include all the color codes and patterns of cement tiles but also decorations of their own.

Today the laser makes it possible to create personalized patterns.

To note: some manufacturers of zellige, cement tiles and patterned enamelled stoneware tiles offer customization services that allow you to compose online your decor and have it custom made. And this service is so expensive that you can think. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes.

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