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Cutting pliers, manual tile, electric tile: indispensable, the cutting tool must be chosen according to the thickness and the nature of the tiles. On a case-by-case basis, opt for manual or electrical equipment.

to choose the tile cutting tool

Use a pliers to cut

Using the cutting pliers

  • Along a ruler or cleat, scratch the tile with the knob of the pliers by pressing hard on the cutting line.

Cut the tiles with pliers to cut

  • Place the tile between the jaws of the clamp, the anvil in the middle of the scratch.
  • Tighten to break the tile in half along the scratch.

Use a manual tile

Cut tiles with a manual tile

  • Place the tile on the board, propped against the ruler.
  • Strip the tile by pushing the carriage and push so that the knob is in contact with the tile.

How a manual tile works

  • Press the handle of the machine to put the anvil in contact with the surface of the tile.
  • This one cuts in two under the pressure.

Use an electric tile

Cut tiles with an electric tile

  • This machine has a small water tank to cool the cutting disc.
  • Place the tile on the tray and push it gently.

How to cut tiles with an electric tile

  • After any cutting, it may be necessary to file the edges with an abrasive grid so that they become less sharp.

Video Instruction: How to Use a Manual Tile Cutter Beginners Guide