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Tile a terrace

Generally terracotta, sandstone or slate, the tiles are ideal for covering a terrace. Relatively easy to install, it still requires some precautions. For a detailed explanation, follow the guide.

Difficulty level:

Easy to medium

Tools and materials needed

A brush.
One meter.
A spirit level.
A notched spatula.
A mallet.
A trowel.
A mason rule.
A tile.
Mortar sticks.
Special mortar joins.
A pocket with seal.
Tiles adapted to outdoor climatic conditions

Step 1: Surface preparation.

Start by cleaning and dusting the surface with a brush.
If the latter contains hollows and / or bumps, it will then be necessary to correct them by applying a little mortar glued to the trowel.
If the defects are too great, you will need to make a thin screed with self-leveling plaster.
In all cases, plan a slope of about 4% outward for the flow of rainwater.
Once the surface is ready, clean it with a brush then with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: sizing the surface.

The mortar is abrasive, so during this step do not forget to protect your hands with gloves.
Prepare your adhesive mortar according to the supplier's instructions (proportions, mixing, exposure time, service life, etc.).
Spread the trowel with a trowel about one square meter from the starting point you have set yourself: center of the terrace or corner.
You will then use a spatula to spread the glue. Keep the spatula slightly inclined to the vertical (25 to 35°) and do not hesitate to make arcs to spread the glue as evenly as possible with a minimum thickness of 5 mm.

Tile a terrace: tile

Step 3: laying tiles.

Tile a terrace: terrace

If the weather is dry, you will need to slightly moisten your tiles before gluing them.
Glue your first tile with a notched spatula, put it down and check its horizontality with the help of the spirit level.
Lightly tap the tile with the plastic mallet to level it.
Before placing the second tile, place the braces on the corners of the first. You will repeat this operation with each new tile laid. This will give you regular spacing for the future join.
Once the second tile is placed, check its alignment with the spirit level and correct it if necessary with the mallet. When multiple tiles are anchored, check the alignment again and correct if necessary.
Wait less 24 hours after laying tiles to join.

Step 4: Lay the joint.

Tile a terrace: tile

Fill your joint pocket with special mortar joint, then squeeze it to deposit a bead of seal into the interstices between the tiles.
Smooth them immediately with a stick
Then remove excess mortar with a squeegee and a damp sponge.

Wait at least 48 hours before walking on your freshly tiled terrace.

Video Instruction: Putting tiles on my terrace!