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The metro style tile, invented in the 1900s, is today a major must-have for interior decoration. Tiling that has nothing old and fits perfectly to all styles of deco, whether you are a fan of vintage as modern design. Explanations.

What is "metro" tiling?

The tiling "metro" refers to the assembly of small ceramic rectangles with beveled edges. Originally, they were used as ornaments on the vaults and corridors of public transport networks present in major European and American cities.

It is a Frenchman, Hector Guimard, who is at the origin of the tiling "metro". The architect has designed many Paris subway entrances including those of Clichy, the Palais Royal, the Place des Ternes and Bagnolet. The transit stations are characterized by a unified style decoration, a trend that still exists today thanks to the white earthenware tiles.

For several years now, "metro" tiles have been used as an element of interior decoration. In fact, this type of tile is found in many brands that now offer them in different sizes and colors.

However, if your goal is to preserve the typical effect of "metro" tiles, stay in the white tiles, enhanced by dark joints.

Where and how to integrate a metro style tile?

The tiling "metro" integrates with all the universes, from retro to urban chic. It is also one of the only ones that can cover a whole section of wall without the space is overloaded.

But to get a "subway effect" the more subtle approaches also work, with installed tiles:

  • in the corners of the house;
  • frieze;
  • or as a kitchen credenza.

The tiling "metro" is very indicated in the bathroom. Like the brick wall, it cleanly decorates the shower wall without ever appearing bland.

In the kitchen, do not hesitate to play on the contrasts. White ceramic combined with kitchen furniture in raw wood or painted in pop colors... think to match the joints of your tiles in furniture colors.

Clean bathroom or designer kitchen, the tiling "metro" also has a sharp and geometric cut perfectly suited to chic and contemporary decorations.

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