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Like marble or granite, travertine is a natural stone that brings a lot of character to your home. Very appreciated, it adapts to the construction as to the decoration but it requires a particular maintenance so that you can appreciate its numerous qualities as long as possible.

Characteristics of travertine tile

Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed from 95% calcium carbonate (or calcite). It has the particularity of having cavities on its surface which gives it an irregular and very natural appearance. Travertine is used in construction but also in the decoration. It is used for flooring, walls or showers and in the manufacture of tablets for example.

Advantages and disadvantages of travertine tiles

Travertine is a material that is easy to live with every day and adapts perfectly to indoor and outdoor use since he does not fear frost.
It comes in different finishes and offers an aged, brushed or polished look. Since travertine is a stone with an irregular surface, the cavities are capped to facilitate its maintenance and give it a very soft feel. For indoor use, it is recommended to apply a water-repellent and anti-stain treatment at the time of installation. For outdoor use, know that travertine does not withstand pollution and fumes. It is therefore to be avoided in large cities where pollution is more present. Unlike marble and granite tiles, travertine is an affordable natural stone in terms of price. Count between 30 and 60 euros per square meter.

Maintenance of travertine tiles

Porous enough material, travertine requires special maintenance so that it can keep its original appearance the longest time possible.
To avoid scratching it, avoid using an abrasive sponge and ban all powdered household products. Forget too much cleaning or overly acidic household products that could scratch or gnaw the surface of travertine tiles. If you make a stain, clean it quickly to prevent it from getting too deep. For daily maintenance, just a little water and liquid Marseille soap or a little dishwashing liquid. Black soap is also perfect for cleaning travertine tiles. In case of very dirty soil, mix some hot water with soda crystals.

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