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I am currently laying my tiles, 80 x 15 cm tiles, staggered, for my outdoor terrace of 10m x 5m. The screed was made last year with 2 expansion joints. I just noticed that all the tiles at the expansion joints do not hold. After searching the internet, apparently we do not put tiles on the expansion joints, something I did not know! I put half of my tile, porcelain stoneware (which is easily broken in more) so I can not undo everything. Would cutting with a diamond disc tiles at a joint would be enough to keep them in time? Will it fill with a special seal at this level?

For the installation of a terrace tile, it is necessary to respect the rupture of the expansion joints. In principle, this part of the slab and screed is made to absorb the dimensional variations of the construction. If you cover the joint with glued tiles, it is inevitable that they will split at this level.
Diamond cutting of the relevant tiles on the line of the expansion joint is a good catch-up solution. The filling at the expansion joint must be done with a specific mortar for flexible joints, at the limit with silicone sealant.

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