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Different materials can be considered for the construction of a wooden deck. Ipe wood is particularly appreciated by those looking for an exotic material that combines aesthetics and robustness. Ipe has even the reputation of being rot-proof.

Laying boards of an ipé wooden deck

Laying boards of an ipé wooden deck

The qualities of Ipe wood

ipe, also called Tabebuia, is an imposing tree whose diameter can reach 1 meter. It grows naturally in South America and is characterized by its high density and incomparable robustness. Its high resistance makes it very popular for the construction of outdoor terraces. It is also an aesthetic wood that is appreciated for its discreet veining. To emphasize, moreover, that it is possible to choose between different colors.

Ipe wood decks require very little maintenance and the appearance of splinters, holes and molds is not to be feared. Over time, this exotic wood patina a beautiful color under the effect of the sun and bad weather.

Technical characteristics of Ipe wood

Different types of Ipe wood are available on the market. otherwise, the wooden boards are available in several dimensions, at the level of the width, the length but also the thickness. Regarding the width, it is best not to exceed 14 centimeters. Ipe wood may show some grooves or a perfectly smooth texture depending on the quality and the treatment. Side colors, for example, black red, tobacco red or olive brown.

The installation and maintenance of an ipé wooden terrace

For the installation of terraces in Ipe wood, the best method is laying nailed. In this case, the wooden boards are fixed on joists. The professional uses stainless steel screws that remain intact over time.

Once the installation is complete, do not neglect finishing which optimizes the appearance of the terrace. It is especially recommended to coat the wood with special oil. This operation is to be repeated at least once a year. And to keep the beautiful original color of the ipé wood, it is advisable to clean the surface once every six months. It is also effective to use a saturator.

What price for a terrace ipé?

Above all, it should be known that the prices may vary according to the quality of the wood and its dimensions without forgetting its color. On average, you need about 50 euros per square meter. The purchase can be made from major supermarkets specialized in DIY. But to have a wide choice and expert advice, it is best to visit a professional wood specialist.

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