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Wooden frame houses.

Strongly represented on the exhibitions devoted to the construction, the wooden frame houses also called MOB, do not stop making speak about them. Indeed, these houses of a new kind are more and more frequent on the French territory, and this, in all the regions. To discover the reasons for such success, HandymakerDuanche has chosen to devote the first part of this issue to wood frame houses.

What is the wooden frame house?

As its name suggests, the timber frame house is made up of a structure made with wooden sleepers that are not very spaced (between 40 and 60 centimeters) and arranged vertically. The entire structure is sealed to the ground via a slab or concrete slab. The sleepers are consolidated with wooden posts placed according to needs horizontally or diagonally. Then the insulation is installed between the uprights and the sleepers and covered on both sides with wooden panels. Namely that the walls of timber frame houses can be sold pre-machined which allows to accelerate the process of construction. As for the inner walls of the house, they are usually made with plaster. Finally, the finish of the exterior walls is at the discretion of its owners as well, it is possible to choose both wood and plaster.

The advantages and disadvantages of a timber frame house.

Wooden frame houses.: frame

The manufacture of a wood frame house offers the advantage of consuming less energy and raw material than for the manufacture of traditional houses. Not content to be environmentally friendly, the wooden house can save some money by limiting the number of workers and the time of construction. Indeed, here, the drying time is very limited and the construction of a timber frame house takes on average between 3 to 6 months, finishing and finishing included. In addition, contrary to what one might think wood frame houses are durable and require a small maintenance and inexpensive. To know that it is enough to treat the wood every ten years approximately. In it offers a great architectural freedom and allows if necessary to easily achieve enlargements. However, we will notice that it is not easy to find a trustworthy home builder. Indeed, this kind of construction being relatively new in France, some entrepreneurs take advantage of it to abuse their customers at the price level. Also regret that many cheap wooden houses are of poor quality and therefore we must spend a significant amount to obtain a quality MOB namely between 1000 and 1700 euros per square meter. We will also note the lack of inertia of wooden houses which can however be corrected by an intelligent design including insulation. Finally, wooden houses are difficult to sell and therefore slightly devalued unlike stone houses.

The stages of the construction of a timber frame house.

Once started, the construction of a wooden house can be quickly completed and take less than six months. Still, it is necessary to go through the stage of the preliminary project which sometimes proves to take much longer than expected. Namely, it is not easy to find a qualified builder or obtain a building permit quickly for this type of building. Once the precious sesame in your pocket, you can then move on: the earthworks and the establishment of the foundations of the house. Then it will be necessary to realize the assembly of the building, that is to say of the frame, the walls and the insulation or to be satisfied to assemble them if the parts are already pre-machined. It will then be the turn of the frame and cover to see the day, then the cladding and exterior joinery. Finally, it will only be necessary to finish the interior of the house by mounting the partitions and installing the electrical circuit, sanitary, plumbing and coatings.

To conclude this article, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to consult the rest of this file to discover other techniques of construction of wooden house.

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