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We do not always think about defrosting the fridge. And here it is full of frost.

It is good to always have two or three ice packs in the freezer or two or three small bottles of water to replace them.

evening before going to bed, we put the batteries or the bottles on the shelves to hold cold, and we unplug the fridge (especially do not press the defrost button).

We leave the door closed and leave it all night, placing a chair in front of the door so as not to forget. And the next day, we look at and empty the de-icing water that has flowed.

The defrost is not finished, but we restart and replace the batteries in the freezer and let it run until the evening. The next night, we start again, and so on until the complete defrost.

It can take 3 nights. This keeps food fresh while defrosting.

If you leave deicing unattended, you run the risk of flooding, so this system avoids that.

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