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Going home from holidays is always a difficult time, especially when one finds his green spaces, left some time without care, in a completely worn out state. Here are some tips that will help you keep a garden healthy, and you will at the same time smile.

Tips for preparing your garden before going on vacation

Tips for preparing your garden before going on vacation

Tips for flowers

Water is the main lack of flowers during the holidays, unless you have equipped his garden with a system to program the automatic watering of plants. Also, without even having such equipment, it is possible to preserve its flowers. It is best to water them more than usual the day before you leave, and to mulch their feet. Mulching is indeed a way of keep the humidity and the freshness.
Then to come back from holidays with pretty flowers, you must cut them before leaving, as well the faded buttons as those ready to open. This size triggers a new flowering cycle.

Tips for the garden

Just like for flowers, water is essential for vegetable species. In addition to automatic watering, you can mulch the vegetables again, having first taken care to return the soil and remove the weeds. You can also buy drips in DIY superstores or create your own home-made system using drilled water bottles.
Also, think well before, before planting and planting, at harvest dates, so that they do not fall in the middle of your holiday period. Avoid doing this any more than 15 days before your vacation, plants needing special care after planting.
Finally, harvest your vegetables before leaving, and freeze them if necessary. Concerning the aromatics, you can cut them to obtain beautiful shoots on your return.

Tips for the lawn

For your lawn finally, two tips will help you not to find yellowed or burned.
First, you must avoid fertilizer intakes within 15 days before you leave. As for plantations, the fertilizer requires special care that you can not provide if you are on vacation.
Second, it is good to think about mowing your lawn before leaving, but do not mow it too much because it may dry up faster.
Finally, if your vacation persists or you worry too much about your green spaces, you will always find someone to maintain your garden during your absence.

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