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Christmas is coming and it's time to think about decorating his table. Choice of colors, small decorations, numbers of guests, dishes, etc. Christmas atmosphere gives you some tips and tricks so that your Christmas table is the most successful.

Tips for a successful Christmas table

Tips for a successful Christmas table

Before you start...

The first question to ask is: How many guests will I have at the table? The decoration of a table varies according to number of guests. Indeed, a table for 2 people will be completely different from a table of 8 or 10 people. Then comes the question of budget. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to design your Christmas table entirely from these hands, it is even advantageous, because less expensive and really more personal. Finally, the last question to ask is: What atmosphere do I want to give to my Christmas table?

In our time, all colors are allowed from the moment we create a harmonious association between the different colors. Nevertheless the traditional red and green colors are still the colors queens of these holidays.

3 golden rules for a successful Christmas table

  • We can not tell you enough, but no one serves to load his table at Christmas.
  • Choose only a few colors for your decor and do not mix styles.
  • An overloaded table will be more aggressive than a table with only a few decorations and colors well chosen.

Some tips...

If there is one advice to take first, it is take your time. That's why the training of a table is not done at the last moment, if you want a result that makes the most beautiful effect, plan your decoration upstream. This will save you some stress. Involve your children in making place-holders, cutlery holders, towel folds or any other decoration, they will be delighted and you will save a little time.

Prepare your table the day before, iron your tablecloth, fold your napkins and already put in place the dishes, so that the day D you will just finalize it all.

A table decoration that displays the same nuances as your Christmas tree will create harmony in the room. For the choice of your dishes, opt for a white service, this one will agree better with any style of decorations and any color. Nevertheless, services specifically dedicated to Christmas are welcome, but be sure to take only one or two colors for the rest of the decoration.

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