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Avoid a house fire

Everyone must be responsible to avoid domestic fires. It must be realized that the fire can start from a lighted candle forgotten in the living room or a butt not extinguished. Some rules must be followed scrupulously to prevent an accident from occurring. Here are the precautions to take!

Habits to adopt to avoid fires

The house fires are usually caused by inattention and carelessness. To avoid them, it is necessary to adopt good habits:

  • Turn off electrical devices such as television and computer instead of putting them to sleep.
  • Maintain household appliances: clean the hood filters, the boiler, the dryer... Monitor the cooking of food on the fire.
  • Connect the devices directly to the wall outlets and use the power strips as little as possible.
  • Turn off cigarette butts before placing them in an ashtray.
  • Never smoke in bed or half asleep on the couch.
  • Never throw a cigarette butt in a vent or bin.
  • Never leave a lit candle unattended.
  • Avoid saturating electrical outlets.

Special care should be taken in cooking, as it is usually where fire starts are located. The ideal is to stay in the kitchen while cooking food. Avoid leaving pots and pans on the fire, unattended. In case the cooking oil starts to ignite, the use of a lid is required. Do not try to extinguish with water.

Precautions to be taken to avoid domestic fire

In addition to lack of attention, domestic fires are caused by faulty appliances or electrical systems. It is thus necessary regularly check the condition of electrical appliances and installations: electrical boxes, wiring, circuit breakers, fuse boxes...

On the other hand, children should never be alone. You must also avoid storing flammable liquids (paint, gasoline...) near heat sources or within the reach of small children. Once a year, entrust the chimney sweeping to a professional.

To react in time in case of fire, it is recommended to install a smoke detector.

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