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The living room is often the room where we watch television, where we receive for aperitif, where we choose to cocooner by the fire... While some are equipped with windows, others have no openings to the outside. How to bring more brightness into your living room? DuitDesign gives you here some tricks to tame the light and to lighten up your living room.

Tips for bringing more light into a living room

Tips for bringing more light into a living room

What colors for more light?

Although it seems obvious, it is important to remember that light colors are preferred to bring brightness to your living room. The White where the beige are perfect for walls and ceiling as they reflect light. However, if you are a fan of color, you can always go to yellow, orange or purple. Be aware that warm colors are recommended for living rooms facing north to create a sense of permanent brightness. Provided that the chosen colors are always in the light tones. These tips are valid for living rooms open or not to the outside.

Bring in natural light

If you find your living room too dark and you are not too scared by the idea of ​​doing some work, it is possible to bring in the light. modifying the structure of the room. For example, you can break a wall and replace it with a glass brick wall or install a window or bay window. If you do not want to lose space at the walls, it is also possible to create a skylight on the ceiling. The effect is immediate and completely changes the overall look of your living room.

Change the decor

If your budget is smaller and you do not want to complicate your life too much, you can also change some elements of the decor to play with the light. The mirror is the ideal ally to bring in light and give an impression of space. Place near a light source (halogen, lamppost) or in front of a window to increase the brightness of the living room. For furniture prefer light tones and lacquered paints who will also reflect the light to the maximum. Lastly, think of light-colored cushions and curtains that let the sun's rays enter your home.

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