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Clothes moth

A single butterfly that manages to enter the house and it is thousands of small animals that will infest the clothes if nothing is done to prevent them from proliferating. Here are some tips for effectively getting rid of clothes moths and deterring them from coming back to plague the house.

Recognize the signs of the presence of moths clothes

Moths can go unnoticed and cause big damage in the cabinets before being discovered. It is thus necessary to recognize the signs which announce the presence of these small animals to act in time. Here are the signs of their presence:

  • Small butterflies flying in the house;
  • Small holes in clothing, including sweaters;
  • Smell of mold on clothes;
  • Discoloration of clothing;
  • Dusty clothes;
  • Canvas on the clothes and in the corners of the cabinet.

At the slightest sign, it is necessary to go on the attack to prevent the moths from proliferating and causing great damage.

By knowing the mites better, it will be easier to eliminate them. So, it's good to know that these insects like places wet and dark. It is therefore essential to ventilate the house and the cabinets so that they do not find favorable places to settle.

Eliminate moths from clothing

The fight against clothes moths is not done in a day. It must be patient and tenacious to get rid of it permanently. In fact, they make their nests in every corner of the house and lay thousands of eggs in a short time. We must eliminate eggs, larvae and adults to never see again. The first thing to do is to clean. For that:

  1. Do laundry clothes to get rid of eggs;
  2. Pass clothing that can withstand the heat in the dryer;
  3. Wash also bags as well as the bags stored in the cupboard;
  4. Iron all clothes before putting them away.

After cleaning the contents, it is also important to wash the cabinet with disinfectants. To do this:

  1. Vacuum the inside of the cabinet;
  2. Add a little vinegar in the soapy water;
  3. Use this water to clean the inside, outside and all the corners of the cabinet;
  4. Scrape the cabinet uprights to eliminate the eggs.

The ideal is to clean the whole house thoroughly and disinfect the furniture who can also house the mites. Sheets, covers and duvets should also be washed and disinfected.

Use repellents to deter moths from settling

By cleaning the house from top to bottom, the mites can be eliminated completely. However, they can come back the next year and infest the interior again. To dissuade them from settling in closets and picking on clothes, here are some tips:

  • Scented fabric

Moths do not tolerate certain smells like those of lemon, laurel or lavender. Simply wrap dried lemon skin or laurel leaves or lavender in a square of fabric. Put it in the closet to deter moths from settling and laying eggs.

  • Use cloves

Moths also hate the smell of cloves. To make them run away, it suffices to prick an orange with a few cloves and place it in the closet. Moths will not venture there and look for a nest elsewhere. It is necessary to renew the orange and cloves when the fragrance begins to fade.

  • Cedar wood

The cedar wood is an effective natural mothproofer to scare away these little butterflies. Just place a few pieces between the clothes and in the corners of the cupboards. Moths will not take the risk of settling there.

  • Make a trap

Everyone can make a trap for moths. Just smear a plate fish oil and place it in a strategic place such as a wardrobe. Male butterflies will be attracted by the smell and will remain stuck on the plate. Thus, they will not be able to fertilize the females anymore. Fecundated, they can lay a hundred eggs in one go.

  • Use the cold

In case of infestation, place the sweaters in the freezer overnight to kill the larvae and eggs. The cold is fatal to them!

  • Use water vapor

A steam generator is the best solution for ironing clothes and getting rid of moths. Indeed, the hot water vapor is fatal.

  • Use balls of cotton soaked in essential oils

To dissuade the mites from settling in the cabinets, simply place cotton balls soaked in essential oil of lavender, cedar, lemon, eucalyptus or mint.

Precautions to avoid moths

A few precautions should be taken to prevent the return of moths in force. You should know that these little animals particularly appreciate animal fibers and sweat. Here are the precautions to take:

  1. Clean and iron each item before putting it away in a closet.
  2. Ventilate cupboards and cabinets daily, as moths like humidity and dark places.
  3. Take out the clothes regularly so that they do not stay in the closet for too long.
  4. Vacuum cupboards and cabinets regularly to remove mites and their eggs.
  5. Carefully brush woolen clothes and furs.
  6. Winter woolen clothing must be wrapped in hermetic covers before being placed in the cabinet.
  7. Take out woolen clothes from time to time.
  8. Submit sachets of lavender in cupboards, even without signs of moths.

Things to avoid

Previously, mothballs were used to eliminate mites. However, it has been proven that mothballs are harmful to health. It is carcinogenic and can cause other health problems such as a tachycardia crisis.

Moth insecticides

If the natural tips do not work, it is possible to use insecticides as a last resort. They are commercially available and are effective in killing moths and their larvae. The information on the packages must be strictly adhered to. The ideal is to apply the insecticide and leave the house for a few hours to avoid inhaling it.

The advantage with insecticide spray is that they kill larvae, eggs and adults at the same time. They are therefore the solution to use if the moths do not want to leave the house.

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