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When the room does not have a large surface, its layout must be perfectly adapted to the real needs of its occupants, while limiting the superfluous as much as possible. Minimalist layout, optimized storage spaces, fitted decoration... all our tips for creating a small room.

Tips for a small room

Tips for a small room

Layout tips for a small bedroom

The bed as central element of the room

Logically, we avoid installing a bed too bulky in a small room. In a small space, placing the bed in the center of the room makes it an anchor point for additional facilities.

It is important here to keep a width of circulation at least 60 cm between the edges of the bed and the rest of the furniture.

Whenever possible, the headboard is installed against a wall.

Storage space that freed up the floor space

In a small room, it is recommended to avoid large cabinets that take up far too much space. Here you can opt for a smaller cabinet model and apply the following storage tips:

  • think about bed with drawers and / or integrated chest;
  • use of hooks and hooks wall hangings for hanging clothes;
  • store off-season clothing in another room of the house;
  • use wall shelves...

How to decorate a small room?

  • The wall decor (paintings, posters, posters) should be limited to two or three items throughout the room. Walls left bare give the impression of a larger space.
  • Natural lighting is to be preferred here. It avoids the blinds and double curtains that tend to confine the room. Lighter curtains can easily replace them.
  • Light tones and natural light up and enlarge a room. We therefore favor the shades of white, cream, yellow and blue pastels...

One can also consider painting a single piece of wall in a bright color, or to embellish the piece of splashes of color.

  • Mirrors of various shapes and sizes can be used without risk, real assets to win visually on the surface and to play with the perspective of the piece.
  • Decorative objects should be exposed sparingly. Limiting decor accessories avoids over-cluttering and choking a small room.

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