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Tips for organizing an unforgettable Christmas night

Christmas is undoubtedly the most anticipated holiday of the year. This moment of sharing requires a minimum of organization. So that this evening is magical and memorable, here are some tips. Obviously, the most important thing is to have fun to finish the year pleasantly, whether with family or colleagues.

Anticipate and set a date for Christmas Eve

Organize a Christmas party in business requires a minimum of organization. During the Christmas and New Year period, the reception hall calendar is usually busy. Thus, a quick reservation is required. It is better to start the search as early as August. Then, it is important to determine a date, whether the reception takes place during the day or evening. The Thursday before the holidays is the ideal day, because the week-end and the school holidays are reserved for the family.

Choose the theme of the evening

Whether for a family Christmas party or business, the theme is essential to set the tone (evening, cocktail dinner, gala dinner, afternoon tea...). This theme should be on the invitation, the envelope, the decorations, as well as the gift packages. It is possible to do in simplicity and to opt for a "White Christmas". It is easy to work around this theme by not forgetting the great classics such as eggnog, mulled wine or gingerbread cookies. Some rely on originality and choose an opposite theme as "tropical" for a Christmas in Hawaii. This idea is especially suitable for warmer regions. In any case, it is better to choose a theme in which guests can find themselves easily.

Determine the budget

Keep in mind that a party rhymes with expenses. It is not necessary to fall into disproportion. It is possible to organize an evening of Christmas friendly without breaking the bank. For companies, this holiday is an opportunity to thank employees for their efforts. Thus, the event must be up to the task. If the budget is tight enough, here are some tips:

  • Focus on important things like a good meal. A breathtaking setting is not an obligation.
  • Instead of a social evening, it is better to turn to a midday cocktail in the conference room.
  • Some companies turn the party into a fundraising evening to help local organizations. A way to preserve the Christmas spirit!

Find the right place

The choice of place depends largely on budget, but also theme. For a Christmas party in business, it is better to leave the professional framework if the budget allows it. If this is the case, it is recommended to:

  • Inquire about the capacity of each interesting room;
  • Define the schedules of the party;
  • Determine the necessary equipment, especially for animations.

Think about decoration

The decoration depends on the theme. For a "White Christmas", a fir tree in this hue with garlands and silver or white balls is more appropriate.

  • To keep the natural Christmas tree longer, it must be put in a bucket filled with sand and mixed with water.
  • In order not to be stung by the thorns when getting rid of the tree, it is advisable to put in a bag dedicated to this use.

Then think of the decoration of windows and doors. Simply hang fir branches on the top of the windows to have garland holders. For the table, branches of holly and fir can serve as a centerpiece. Three colors are enough to avoid the excess: red candles, green Christmas balls and golden pine cones.
As for tablecloths and napkins, it is better to stay in the same colors as the table decoration. Nothing like a white tablecloth where golden stars are scattered. Everything can be accompanied by red or green towels with golden or white ribbons! Christmas Eve is the perfect occasion to bring out the silverware.

Little deco tips:

  • Transform the small fir branches into a table bouquet or crown. Then add a candle to create a warm atmosphere.
  • In other parts of the room, do not hesitate to put candles (no smell), Christmas balls and bouquets of mistletoe.

Think about music and food

At home or for a corporate Christmas reception, music is paramount. It is possible to hire a DJ, animators or orchestra according to the allocated budget. In the choice of the animation, it is important to take into account the age groups of the guests. For the meal, nothing better than to call on the services of a caterer to better enjoy the party. A standing aperitif is enough for a Christmas cocktail party. For a Christmas feast with your family, it is essential to plan a ample buffet. Some caterers offer special menus for those who have to diet. In all cases, a quote is required before signing a contract. It gives an overview of the menu and prices.

For a Christmas meal with family or friends, it is possible to serve a exotic meal or country if the theme lends itself. Nevertheless, it would be frowned upon to ignore the traditional turkey, chestnuts, foie gras and the log. At the beverage level, alcohol * is allowed if a shuttle service has been provided. Otherwise, it is better to move towards non-alcoholic beverages or mocktails. In any case, the best is to opt for self-service drinks not to play the bartender all evening.

Gifts: do not forget

Christmas is above all the gift party. Thus, it would be unlikely to organize a reception without providing presents. However, there is no question of ruining or ruining the guests. To avoid this inconvenience, it is important to specify on the invitation the maximum amount for gifts.

To make Christmas night unforgettable, do not forget photos. It is possible to find on the Internet professionals who rent photo booths. Similarly, the services of a photographer would not be too much for a Christmas party in business.

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