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Tips for starting a car in winter

If the battery already has a problem before winter, it is better to replace it before the cold begins to set in. However, even with a battery in good condition, there may still be a boot problem. Some tips are to know in case of problem of this kind!

Tips for starting a car in winter

Cars are put to the test during the winter season. After a temperature drop during the night, starting the car can be difficult and frustrating. However, some tricks can start without getting your head. For that, it is enough for:

  1. Press the clutch pedal;
  2. Keep the pedal depressed and start the car;
  3. Turn the key all the way within ten seconds to avoid damaging the starter.

In case the vehicle refuses to start, it is advisable to wait 30 seconds before repeating the attempt, always for a short time. Insisting too long could damage the starter and drown the engine.

If after a few attempts, the car still refuses to start, it is better to carry out some checks. Turn on the ignition to see if everything is on the dashboard. If this is the case, it means that the battery has a good level of charge, but that it is not enough to drive the starter. It is thus advisable to wait a few minutes before making another attempt. In case the dashboard does not turn on, it means that the battery is flat and needs to be recharged. If click is heard at startup, it is also a sign that the battery is out of order. There is no point in trying to restart the car.

Some actions to take to avoid problems at startup

In winter, battery problems are quite common. To avoid finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation, it is advisable to adopt some habits to avoid maltreating the battery:

  • Close the doors of the car to save electricity;
  • Cut the heating, car radio, turn signals... In short, anything that can consume unnecessarily electricity.

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