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It is interesting, even mandatory in some cases, to have a thermal balance of your house. There are trained professionals to detect heat loss and help you eliminate thermal bridging in your home.

Have your house evaluated / diagnosed heat loss

Have your house evaluated / diagnosed heat loss

Why evaluate heat losses?

There are several reasons that can cause you to have your heat loss in your home evaluated. If you notice that you use a lot of energy to heat yourself or if you are constantly cold in your home, it is necessary to establish a heat balance of your home. Evaluating heat loss is also a good way to lower your energy bill and save money. Finally, know that by heating your home better, you will consume less and you will reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to our planet.

How to make an energy diagnosis?

To achieve a thermal balance of your home, it is possible to start to detect some flaws yourself at the windows for example. But for a complete and thorough assessmentit is necessary to call on a thermal engineer. He will be able to tell you precisely where the thermal bridges are and what part of your house is the least well insulated. This intervention is called the Energy Performance Certificate (EPD). You can also ask your city to make a thermal assessment of the roofs thanks to the thermography (infrared photo).

Energy Performance Diagnostics

Mandatory since July 1st, 2007, the DPE makes it possible to know the energy consumption of your housing as well as its impact on the environment. It is required for any sale or rental and its absence may be punished by a fine. Conducted by an independent and qualified professional, the Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years. It is composed ofan "energy" label which classifies the energy performance of your home in 7 classes from A to G (such as appliances) and an "environment" label that indicates the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by your home. At the end of the assessment, the diagnostician gives you advice to optimize the energy performance of your home but also on the use and operation of your equipment and in some cases, he recommends carrying out insulation work.

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