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I own an apartment in which I live for 3 years. The building dates from the 1970s. Two rooms are exposed North-East and North-West and the walls are very wet, cold. There is a lot of condensation (there is no double glazing). This year with the snow, I saw the state of the walls deteriorate very quickly and in all the rooms currently there is mold on the walls up to a meter of height (in the rooms, the kitchen and the The trustee sent me a representative from Murprotec (who sells VMI devices) but having no knowledge I do not know if it is the only solution. The device still costs 3600 €! Is there a treatment of the walls to provide ??? Will changing windows and double glazing with aeration at the top will improve or aggravate the condensation ???.

I doubt that you are in a situation of saturation in water vapor of the atmosphere of your whole apartment for lack of ventilation. However, it seems that this is the case in your rooms, just because of the breathing of its occupants. As their walls are exposed to the north and probably poorly insulated, they are cold, and the air laden with moisture condenses therein, favoring the formation of molds. So I advise you to start by isolating them (sometimes a thin layer of DEPRON to neutralize the phenomenon of cold wall). The idea of ​​installing insulating windows is obviously good for thermal insulation. Ask that they are imperatively equipped with vents regulatory regulations. Finally it is surprising that a building of the 1970s does not benefit from a VMC. If it is not equipped, it would be a good project for the condominium, as well as an external insulation of the north facade (it is work that can benefit from help in the work on energy improvement housing).

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