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To avoid the power outage

The prolonged fall in winter temperatures is a fear of power outages. However, simple actions can reduce our consumption during peak hours: stagger the use of appliances, lower the temperature of rooms by 1 or 2° C, leave no device in standby, limit the number of lights on. But there are also a number of devices and equipment in the electrical installation that also allow programming of electrical devices and thus reduce consumption: manage the power of the outlets by a mechanical or electronic programmer, manage the heaters by a programmable thermostat, install one or more programmable switches or a 2 or 3 circuit loader on the electrical panel, etc.

  • Management of electrical appliances with OTIO programmers
  • Program electrical equipment
  • Electrical diagram: mechanical programmable switch (clock) installed on the board
  • Weekly two-zone programmable thermostat: circuit diagram
  • Relieving a circuit: connection diagram

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