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If you want to buy or rent a property, you must surely have confronted you with the vocabulary sometimes "jargoneux" real estate ads such as "Ideal investor - high potential apartment - FAI - SDE - ASC..." If you are not always certain to know what these acronyms or expressions hide, then you need a decryption...

Know how to decrypt a real estate ad

Know how to decrypt a real estate ad

The meaning of qualifiers such as "charming building" or "neighborhood with high potential" for example is variable and very subjective. These are too vague terms and it is important to keep a pragmatic and methodical spirit. Check the year of construction of the property and also be attentive to any work to be considered as well as condominium fees (ask to consult the P.V of the assemblies of co-owners in order to have a clear heart).

Expand your overview by having a clear idea of ​​theneighborhood environment: ask the town planning department about real development projects in the area concerned.

To read an immo ad, go back to basics:

  • the surface and layout of rooms: beyond the simple number of m², the layout of the property, especially for small areas is a determining factor
  • location: proximity to schools, shops, transport...
  • the exhibition and the floor: these are important conditions for the sunshine and more generally for the quality of life
  • condominium fees
  • and of course... the price per m² (according to the Carrez law) in the case of property purchase

Real estate announcements: target your priority objectives

It is important to be demanding with regard to the main elements of a dwelling: the general condition of the property is fundamental, especially that of the walls, the roof and its level of insulation.

Refer to technical diagnostic file and have the eventual renovations to consider.

Do not forget the main purpose of your research. It is indeed important to clearly identify what are the reasons for your property purchase: main or secondary home, rental investment, investment for retirement...

Beyond the real estate formulas...
To sort through your searches, it is important to know how to decrypt a real estate ad.
You will then need to go beyond the term real estate jargon in which elliptical style figures are flourishing.

Here are some examples of decryption

"Neighborhood in full evolution": it's worth going to check in which direction!
"Apartment with high potential": we can understand here that the potential of good will be seen after many works!
"Ideal young couple": only one room, probably in high floor and without elevator!
"Very wanted neighborhood": expect a price higher than the average
"Coquet, ideal student" or any ending in "-ette" like kitchenette, studette, etc: get ready for a small area!

Cuis. USAmerican kitchen
F1 / F2 or T1 / T2the number specifies the number of main rooms (except bathroom and kitchen)
ISPagency fees included in the price indicated
SDBbathroom (therefore includes a bath)
SDEbathroom (with a shower)
TBE, BEGvery good condition, good general condition

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