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Building your house has never been easier... thanks to Maisons d'en France -

Building your house has never been easier... thanks to Maisons d'en France -

Having your house built is a serious project. Awarded for its quality of service, Maisons d'en France supports you in this process so that your house looks like you closer.
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Choose a reference constructor

Building a house is often a big project for a family. Finding the house builder who will understand the desires and needs of everyone is not easy. There are indeed all kinds on the market for individual construction. You must be able to build a privileged relationship with your builder, because it will follow you from the exhibition of your dreams to the follow-up of construction site, while passing by the elaboration of the plans. It must also answer all your questions on topics such as its commitments, guarantees offered... many questions to ask yourself before making your choice! So choose a builder who enjoys a solid reputation and offers you clear and precise services (prices, implementation schedule, site delivery time...).
Maisons d'en France is committed to all these points and has been accompanying you in all transparency for more than thirty years. The Maisons d'en Maisons manufacturers guide you through your project and at each of its stages. So make an appointment with one of them and ask him to organize site visits around your home.

Professionals at your service

Each house is unique. It must reflect its inhabitants while respecting the style constraints of the region for successful integration into the landscape. Maisons d'en France has developed a network of more than 80 branches throughout France.
The Maisons d'en Maisons builders therefore have a very precise knowledge of the area: they will be able to respond to all the local specificities in architecture and urban planning rules. They work with local craftsmen experts in their field, often evaluated by the house to preserve this quality of implementation. This is the guarantee that the construction of your house will proceed in peace.

Complete and accurate guarantees

It is mandatory to take out a contract for the construction of a detached house (CCMI), drawn up by the legislator, during the construction of a house. This contract protects you against builders who may be doubtful. In addition to the guarantees covered by this document and mandatory, Maisons d'en France has added 4: clarity, security, serenity and contract-resale.

First-time buyers, a program is dedicated to you

Maisons d'en France offers "My first Maisons d'en France", a program for first-time buyers. Because building your first house is a sensitive project that requires a lot of attention. The builders of the Maisons d'en-France network are committed to helping you if you need special financing - an enhanced zero-rate loan (PTZ +), ready for social accede... - or advise you and you reassure in case of concern.

A network of 80 manufacturer agents

All you need to do is click on the Maisons d'en France website to find a builder. An interactive map allows you to visualize the agency closest to you. Discover also all the models of our houses, with the possibility to visit them virtually, as well as many realizations.

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