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Do you want to install an air conditioning system at home? You should know that for the installation of some models, the intervention of a professional air conditioning is sometimes necessary. Explanation.

What is a refrigeration specialist?

The refrigeration engineer is a technician in the manufacture and maintenance of air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems in general. It installs and repairs all appliances that enter the cold process such as air conditioning systems. It mainly deals with the installation, repair and maintenance of all air conditioning systems (reversible air conditioning, mono-split, multi-split, etc.).

Why use an air conditioning installer?

The installation of certain air conditioning devices must legally and legally be carried out by professionals. Indeed, according to a ministerial order, the installation of a reversible air conditioning must be carried out by a refrigeration professional with a certificate of capacity.

  • The refrigeration specialist is the only one with the skills to handle and manage refrigerants inside the unit.
  • Only a professional can offer you a model adapted to your needs and those of your home (according to the living space, the number of inhabitants, etc.)
  • He proceeds to the installation of the air conditioning in the respect of standards in force.

How does the refrigeration engineer work?

The work of the professional refrigeration engineer takes place in several stages:

  • It must first of all make a climatic assessment of the dwelling (according to the number of inhabitants, the surface, the residential area...) to define the model and the necessary power of the air conditioner to install.
  • Following this, the professional offers a detailed estimate of the installation of the device, as well as a list of several models of different brands that meet the needs of the home.
  • In addition to this estimate, and the climate report, the professional must propose a maintenance contract annual maintenance treatment and regular maintenance of the air conditioning system.
  • It must finally indicate the exact location where the air conditioning system will be installed, the installation procedures, and it must finally proceed with the repair of the walls after drilling.

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