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Appealing to a heritage advisor can be essential when you have a very large real estate heritage. The professional then intervenes to advise his client in his best interests and will apply to manage his assets by limiting the risk of losses.

Why use a heritage advisor?

The wealth management advisor (CGP) is a professional who can manage the real estate assets of his clients when he reaches a certain importance.

In practice the advisor will be brought to:

  • propose a analysis of the real estate situation his client;
  • formulate their needs and specify their objectives;
  • introduce a management strategy adapted;
  • prepare the transmission of real estate;
  • etc.

The benefits of the property advisor are therefore defined in two points:
1. the consulting activity: the CGP must offer objective advice to its client (on the purchase or sale of apartments, houses, business, rental management...) without being subject to an obligation of results.

2. Management: it implements solutions to manage and optimize the return on real estate assets while limiting risks.

To note: The salary of a CGP varies greatly depending on his experience.

The qualities of a good heritage advisor

It will be necessary here to choose his patrimonial adviser with attention.

  • A good heritage advisor will propose primarily to his client to draw up a complete and detailed balance sheet of his patrimony, including his real estates. This phase of analysis is a first concrete indication of the seriousness of the professional.
  • Heritage management activity requires time, the counselor should not be too eager.
  • Turnkey products will be here to avoid, bespoke being preferable.
  • Choose an independent advisor is to be favored so that it is not trying to offer its client costly products whose objectives are not in line with its real needs.

To notefinding suitable solutions sometimes requires the services of other specialists, such as a notary, a lawyer or a chartered accountant. A good advisor is not all-knowing and therefore uses a network of consultants.

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