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I want to connect two water heaters on two different boards with the same EDF pilot wire. When I couple the pilot threads in a sugar, the differential dijoncte would it be possible to have a schema?

According to the NF C 15-100 standard, the water heater must be installed on the panel on a specific circuit. The cross-section of the conductors must be at least 2.5 mm² up to 4 mm² depending on the power of the water heater. You will have to create two distinct circuits on each of the tables. I do not think it is possible to connect two pilot wires on the same connector.
Remember that a 40 A - 30 mA type A switch must protect this circuit which will also be equipped with a circuit breaker (division circuit breaker).
You will find all the diagrams necessary for your connections on our sheet: "ELECTRIC DIAGRAMS"

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