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Finance its work with the help of the state.

Although the time has come for budget restraint, the State continues to help homeowners who wish to undertake work to improve their housing. So depending on your situation and work, you can eventually benefit from the aid of Anah (the National Agency for Housing), a tax credit or eco-loan zero rate. That's why in this part of the file devoted to the financing of the work, Tinkerbreadth invites you to discover how to take advantage of the aids proposed by the government.

The helpers of Anah.

Anah's assistance concerns both the owners who live in their homes and the landlords, not to mention the syndicates of co-owners who wish to undertake work in the common areas. In addition, these grants are awarded for work of a minimum of 1500 euros (except in the case of very modest homes) in housing completed for fifteen years. This work must be part of a specific list to rehabilitate housing or improve. On the other hand, Anah does not finance the maintenance or enlargement or decoration of a dwelling. Attention to benefit from the help of the Anah, the work must imperatively be carried out by declared professionals. Finally, to obtain funding, you will need to build a complete file by first contacting a local delegation from Anah where you can be accompanied in your approach. Namely that a file must contain a lot of administrative and technical information, so to have a chance to obtain the desired subsidy it is strongly recommended to get help from a specialized organization or a building professional.

Tax credits, funding revised downward.

The tax credit represents a tax deduction that applies to work and equipment installations intended to reduce the energy expenditure of a principal residence such as the installation of a solar water heater or the insulation of a roof. This credit applies to both tenants and homeowners, up to a maximum of 8,000 euros per person and 16,000 euros per couple with 400 euros per child or additional dependent. If the 2012 budget reduces on average 20% tax credits compared to last year. However, it is possible to benefit from an additional discount when two installations are eligible for this assistance. Finally, it is now possible to combine on the same facilities a zero interest eco loan with a tax credit.

Eco loan at zero rate.

ecological house

The eco-loan zero rate is granted for the energy renovation of a home. Homeowners are granted their housing in the context of a principal residence, without any means test. Thus it is possible to finance at zero rate the work of wall insulation, the replacement of windows, the installation of a heating system or hot water production performance or using a renewable energy source, the all in a maximum of 30,000 euros. Finally, to benefit from the eco-loan zero rate, it is necessary to have a quote prepared by a professional and complete a standard form and submit them to a bank offering this type of loan. The work must then be completed within two years.

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