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The floors of the cellar and garage of my house, built in 2007, are raw concrete. I would like to remake the soil and I plan to make a patch, however, I do not want to put other coatings thereafter (tiles or other...). I would like a product so the end result is interesting, both in terms of aesthetics and maintenance. What do you recommend? Liquid patches, ready to use, are they conceivable?

The realization of a patch seems to be the most suitable solution. Nevertheless, a leveling compound is not designed as a finishing coating except, if necessary, if you take a product class P4 or P4S. Once the patch is dry and hard, the application of a floor paint brings aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Attention for the garage part, it is imperative to use a floor paint compatible with car tires. Most floor paints for balconies, stairs, technical rooms... are not suitable for traffic areas.

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