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Install your swing gate

Install your swing gate

If DIY has no secrets for you, here is the procedure to follow to install your swinging gate. Remember, if manual work is not your forte we strongly advise you to call a professional.

1. Before you start

Here are some recommendations to follow before starting the installation:

  • read it notice explanation enclosed so as not to make mistakes,
  • do not forget to prepare the Necessary material and make an inventory to make sure you have not forgotten anything,
  • depending on your DIY level the installation will take longer or shorter. Allow half a day, this operation requires a little time,
  • wear a suitable outfit and protective gloves, a good handyman is a handyman who does not hurt himself!

2. The necessary equipment

To complete the installation of your flying gate, you need:

  • Gate, lock and fixing kit
  • Rule and meter
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil to trace
  • Pipe wrenches
  • Flat keys
  • Screwdriver
  • Lime
  • perforator
  • Screwdriver drill
  • Clamps
  • Cales
  • mulish
  • cleats

3. Find the fixings

We will draw benchmarks to locate the areas to drill. For that:

  • Check that the foundation where will be installed the gate is flat and level. Do the same at the place where the opening of your gate will be. Check the pillar level.
  • Draw a first marker where you want to fix your gate on the foundation and then put the first pivot. Present the first sign of the portal on it.
  • Place a shim of the same thickness as the pivot under the end of the wing. So you will keep it straight. Then to stabilize it, place two cleats on each side.

4. Place the second wing

  • Place the second panel on its pivot and place it on the hold, it will be aligned to the first.
  • Hold the assembly by placing a cleat on each side of the top rail and then using two clamps.
  • Place shims to make the space between the two panels uniform at the opening and tighten using two other clamps.

5. Check levels and attachment of high hinges

  • After having centered the gate between the pillars and checked the levels, locate the fixing of the high hinges on the pillar after putting them in place. Important: measure the distance between the top hinge and the loot, it will be useful later, then locate the bores of the pivot on the ground.
  • Once all your markers are drawn, remove the set.

6. Secure the gate

We will now make the bindings and install the gate according to the marks drawn beforehand.

  • Drill, pin and screw the pivots and the high hinges in the previously marked places. Adjust the top hinge to the measurement you took in the previous step, to use a nut and a washer and then block the hinge.
  • Put the panels on the pivots and screw the hinges. Remember to check the levels and the operating game.

7. Install accessories

  • Align the panels and locate their position on the ground to fix the central stop. Locate the mounting holes. Drill, pin and screw the stopper.
  • Check the positioning of the gate by closing it and opening it.
  • Screw on the closing stop.

8. Secure the handle and lock

  • Determine the location of the lock and handle on the inside. Pierce and deburr.
  • Fix the lock then place the screws, the latch and finally the handle. Finally insert the barrel, turn the key to position it and screw it.
  • Screw the sealing plate and the handle on the outside.
  • Secure the stopper on both sides after opening the gate; it will keep your gate open.

Video Instruction: E8 300mm Dual Swing Gate Opener Installation