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Insulate an old stone house from the inside

Hello, here is my problem: I am renovating an old stone house (see photo). This old house is located in altitude (750m) facing south (the facade). Inside the house, the walls have been recreated with concrete. My question is: what will be the most suitable material for interior wall insulation? I was advised bio sourced materials, wood wool, etc. for the moisture problem of the stone walls. But if the walls have been recreated, how should I see things?

If the walls do not show signs of humidity, all insulating linings, classics or "bio-sourced" are valid. If the walls have traces of moisture, it is necessary on the one hand to avoid insulators sensitive to moisture absorption (wood wool, hemp, linen, etc.), and on the other hand to avoid doublings stuck directly on the wall. In case of humidity, it is necessary make dubbing on metal frame creating a space between the wall and the insulation complex, either make plasterboard bulkheads or concrete walls, with incorporation of insulation, always taking care to provide a ventilation space between the insulation and the wall.
If the humidity of some walls is really important, make sure they are not affected by hair lifts. If so, these problems must be addressed before implementing wall insulation.
At the same time, be sure to insulate the roof properly, 30 to 40% of the losses being made by the roof.

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