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Insulate a wall from the inside by mounting a doubling wall

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Materials and tools needed:

Insulating panels or rolls.
Metal profiles of floor and wall.
BA13 plates for doubling wall.
Joint dough.
Joint strips.
A spirit level.
A knife with big notches.
A mason rule.
Screws for drywall.
A jigsaw or a knife with big teeth.
An electric screwdriver.
A trowel.

Step 1: Install the profiles.

Start by fixing the top profile by screwing it to the ceiling with self-drilling screws, leaving a gap of about 5 mm between the profile and the wall (the gap must correspond to the thickness of the insulation). With the spirit level, check that the profile is straight.
Then attach the bottom profile to the floor, always keeping the distance of 5 mm with the wall. The floor profile should be perfectly straight and parallel to the ceiling.
Finally, place the vertical rails that you will fit by sliding them in the profiles of the ceiling and the ground. You will leave a gap of 60 cm between the vertical profiles.

Step 2: Install the insulation.

Cut out custom insulating panels so that they fit snugly between the vertical profiles (about 62 cm wide). For cutting, use a large mason ruler, which will guide your knife.

Insert your insulation blanks between the profiles and attach them to the rails with specially designed spacers or hooks.

Step 3: Install the siding.

Using a jigsaw or a large-toothed knife, cut the drywall and attach to the profiles with self-drilling screws and an electric screwdriver every 25 cm. During this operation, check that the screws go perpendicularly into the plates and continue to screw until the screw head is well into the plasterboard.

Step 4: the finishes.

Once the wall is installed, place a strip of joint on the joints between the plasterboards, then cover them with a joint compound using a trowel
Always with the joint paste, relock the holes formed by the screws.
Finally, paint, carpet, or tile the plates as you like.

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