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Your project requires the demolition of a building? You must have the authorization of the municipality to carry out this demolition.

Get a license to demolish

Get a license to demolish

When to apply for a permit to demolish?

If you have to demolish partially or totally a construction listed historical monument, located near a historical monument or located in a protected area, you must apply for a permit to demolish. Your municipality may also require the permit to demolish in any case.

The permit to demolish is not mandatory when the demolition is imposed by the administration or the justice (building unhealthy...).

How to apply for a permit to demolish?

Follow these few steps to get a license to demolish:

  • Fill out the cerfa form n° 13405 * 03,
  • Gather the necessary supporting documents (site plan of the land, photos of the buildings to demolish...),
  • Send your file in 4 copies by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the town hall (or drop it directly in the town hall),
  • The town hall is required to post an excerpt from the demolition permit application, and has 2 months to give you an authorization.

You have planned, following the demolition, to build a new building? The application for a demolition permit can be included in the building permit.

Obtaining a permit to demolish: cases that may arise

The mayor agrees your request and authorizes the demolition: it sends you a registered letter or an email to inform you. You must then make a declaration of opening of site.

The mayor refuses and you do not get your license to demolish: you can send him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to reiterate your request, within 2 months. The mayor refuses again? You have 2 months to seize the administrative court by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Yes the town hall does not answer you, the authorization is tacit. You can start the work demolition from the date communicated to you on the day of your application. However, you can request a certificate attesting that the town hall is not opposed to your demolition project.

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