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I do not understand it: my husband paints the big empty wall of our very bright dining room so, he coated, sanded, put under layer and all the bazaar, I saw it do, and despite two layers of paint very expensive matte white, the wall does not appear uniform... frankly I'm fed up, we had the same thing for the dining room, we start again, we redo, and the result is always disappointing... it will cost us the skin of the buttocks. Do you have an idea of ​​what can happen?

The support preparation seems to have been done optimally, the concern may be the way to pass the roll, because contrary to what one might believe, the thing is not as simple as it seems...
Get inspired by our DIY roll painting tip sheet to make sure all the steps have been followed and pass a third coat to unify everything. A grinding with sandpaper between each layer is also to be taken into account.

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