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We have owned a house since July 2013 located near the sea in the English Channel. For several days, abundant rains have made part of our land rain-fed (clay soil that does not drink much). The concern is that one of the ventilation systems of the crawl space is located in this waterlogged area and as it is a system with a T, the water rises from the ground and trickles into the ventilation duct !! ! What solution can we bring to this problem to prevent water from settling in our crawl space ?! In advance I thank you for your answer and your lights. - Stéphane and Virginie-

It is not easy to get a clear idea of ​​the situation from a distance, but I only see two ways to solve the problem:
- drain your land on the periphery and upstream;
- make the casing of your crawl space if you can access it.

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