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I, in a room of 9 m2on cold walls, condensation settling there, which promotes mold (double glazed window + VMC, facing north). I would like to ask for thin insulation type Depron or Noma Fiber because I do not want to lose the surface. Could you advise me on a particular product that would avoid this inconvenience?

For remove condensation problemsthe room must be adequately ventilated, but also properly insulated. In this case, it is actually both a insufficient insulation and one lack of ventilation which seem to be the cause of the problems.
If the phenomenon is important, it may be that the product you want to ask is too thin to make a significant improvement.
To hope for real progress, you have to accept losing a few centimeters in the living space. there are for example doublings consisting of a plasterboard of 10 mm and a rigid insulation in polyurethane foam 50 mm. With this high performance insulation, you will isolate effectively by having only reduced the internal width by 6 cm.
You can also try to make a thermal coating.

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