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Technique to value a property with the aim of selling it or renting it, home staging is based on the depersonalization of places and the enhancement of spaces. It is useful in the kitchen to make the place more functional and to allow future buyers (or tenants) to project themselves more easily.

Renovate your kitchen using home staging techniques

Renovate your kitchen using home staging techniques

Vacuum storage

For depersonalize your kitchen and focus on its practical and functional side, it is important to tidy up and make room in the drawers and closets. Put in the trash the old packages of cracked cookies and the spice jars that you do not use. Make a clean space on the worktop and store all the utensils you almost never use. Do not leave old sponges hanging by the sink and camouflage the towels lying around. By making room, the tenant or potential buyer can imagine more easily occupying the premises.

Give a facelift to a kitchen

If you feel that your kitchen is a bit old fashioned, do not hesitate to him give a touch of youth by doing some minor work. You will have to invest little money and this will avoid having to revisit the price of your property down. If necessary, start by repainting the walls and facades of the kitchen furniture. Choose from neutral shades to please the majority. Forget about flashy hues and random color marriages.

Do not hesitate to change the curtains and repaint your sink if it is in too bad condition. Thoroughly clean household appliances such as the refrigerator, cooker hood, and oven that tend to be dirty. If you do not get stained on your credence, put on your wall credence adhesive neutral decor or stainless steel.

Home staging: the detail that makes all the difference

Be aware that a potential buyer will examine your kitchen with a magnifying glass to assess whether it will perform renovations or not. To avoid any discussion and lower prices, take the lead. feel free to redo the joints silicone around the sink, hob and between the wall and the worktop. Change too the faucet seal that drip or replace it if it is really too damaged. Replace the burned out bulbs and remove any deco object too "typed". Finally, do not forget to air the room before each visit because there is nothing more crippling than a smell of fish or frying when entering a kitchen.

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