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Roller shutters have many advantages as they not only provide acoustic insulation, but also heat insulation, protecting against heat in the summer and keeping cool in the winter. They are also easy to install and inexpensive. When a failure occurs, the problem is rarely hard to detect and repairs are relatively simple to perform.

Repair a classic roller shutter

A roller shutter with crank or strap is very simple to repair because we find in DIY stores all spare parts to be able to repair the defective part yourself. On the shutters, the strap and the crank are the elements that deteriorate the fastest. The case of the strap can break and the strap itself wears out. It is not difficult to remove the defective strap or crank. The explanatory notes are very simple to understand and the quick repair to perform. For those who do not have the soul of a handyman, just call a professional who can quite be the one who proceeded to the installation of your shutter.

It can also happen that shutters freeze during the winter or that the PVC expands. Wood can also suffer from moisture. For this, it is important to maintain its components and apply the right products to keep them at best. It must also be ensured that the fasteners of the shutter are not rusted because if this is the case, the shutter is no longer maintained. A regular maintenance shutters to prevent them from being damaged.

Repair a motorized roller shutter

Motorized roller shutters are also likely to break down. It can then be small electrical failures that are due to a power failure in which case it is sufficient to put a spare engine to open and close the shutter. The breakdown can however be greater, especially when it is linked to the braking system. It allows to retain the shutter when it is wrapped in the trunk. If it does not work properly, the shutter is not maintained and takes place immediately. To repair this kind of breakdown, it is better to call on a professional who will be able to make the necessary repairs without damaging shutter and engine. While waiting for the professional to arrive, you can still use the emergency ring that will open and close the shutter manually.

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