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Home insurance protects a home from the risks that can occur in everyday life. The contract with his insurer provides for the damages covered by the insurance and the reporting procedures should they occur. To ensure that you are properly compensated, it is necessary to carry out certain formalities with your insurer.

Deadlines for reporting a claim

When a disaster has occurred in the dwelling, such as theft for example, the individual must, before declare the damage, check his insurance contract to be sure that his claim is covered by his home insurance. This will save him unnecessary steps if the risk is unfortunately not covered.
If the damage is actually covered by the insurance, the insured will have to make the declaration with his insurer. This declaration must intervene within five working days who follow the report of the incident. The insurance contract may nevertheless provide for a longer period.
For flights, the deadline to report is two business days only. It is imperative to respect the deadlines prescribed by the insurance to ensure compensation for damage caused by the disaster.

The procedures for reporting a claim

Reporting a claim with your home insurance can be done by phone or agency directly. But the most effective way to declare a claim is to do so by mail with acknowledgment of receipt, since the return must contain certain elements to be valid.
Indeed, the declaration must specify the name and surname of the insured. It must also indicate the number of the insurance contract, as well as the type of damage and the damage it has caused. The insured must assess approximately what has been destroyed property and any losses. In addition, the insured must mention in his declaration whether the loss of which he is the victim has caused damage to third parties, to his neighbors for example. Depending on the type of insurance taken out, we will take care of or not the damage that has also affected third parties. In the event that an individual does not have sufficient insurance covering a claim that has taken place at his home and has affected the housing of his neighbors, he will be liable for the damages and will himself have to compensate the persons concerned..

Once the declaration is sent to the insurer, the damage compensation procedure that took place in the housing will be able to engage.

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