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Sow and Grow Capuchin Beard

The beard-of-capuchin, also called bitter wild endive or bitter wild chicory, is an intermediate between curly chicory and endive.


Vernacular name: capuchin beard, bitter wild chicory
Latin name: Cichorium
Family : Compounds
Vegetative cycle : annual plant
Multiplication mode : sowing
Seed: 4 g / m2
Lift speed: • Full Earth: 4 days • Layers: 2 days
Harvest : 25 kg / m2
Fertilizer : manure or organic fertilizers, sodium nitrate or complete nitrogen fertilizer
Pests, diseases and treatments: • Minet: Bordeaux mixture • Rust: fungicide • White worms: specialized insecticides • Rodents: rat poison

Culture step

Culture step

This kind ofendive asks for a fairly similar crop since its roots must be grouped together and placed in a trench or a tray and shoots to the air but in the blind, which is the best way to whiten them, a little in the manner of curly chicory

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