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Dear in the heart of the French, the garden is the second favorite place of life of the house after the show, but also those who give the most value to the house in case of resale. Space for relaxation, recreation, moments with family or friends, here are some tips for successful landscaping your garden.

Successfully manage your garden

Successfully manage your garden

Data to design the plan of your garden

Creating a garden starts first and foremost with a inventory of the existing.

For bare ground, it is advisable to list, in particular: area and shape of space, the nature of the soil (light, clayey...), the exhibition from the surface, underground installations such as the pipes but also those in height as the electric lines, and the nature of the separations in limit of your property (wall, hedge, fence...).

For an already landscaped garden, it should be listed, in addition to the aforementioned elements: the amenities in place (terrace, pool, vegetable garden, massif, lighting...), and plants including trees and shrubs.

Once this first data has been collected, it starts the design of your garden on paper. To do this, the scale used is one centimeter for one meter for land with a surface area of ​​up to 1,000 m². You can then draw, preferably on graph paper, the plan of your future garden integrating the various facilities that you envisage: alley, border, kitchen garden, space of games, area for lunch, elements of decoration, watering...

The choice of materials, materials and plants for your garden

The design of your garden layout plan is then accompanied by the choice of plants, materials and materials. If these depend on the atmosphere and aesthetics that you want to give to your garden (zen, ecological...), other important elements are to be taken into consideration.

  • For plants: It is advisable to choose them adapted to your region to promote their growth but also to facilitate their maintenance. This avoids Mediterranean plants in the Paris region, to take into account their climatic resistance but also their needs for water and light. For trees and shrubs, particular attention should be paid to their root development, which can cause damage to pipes and pavements for example;
  • For materials: Their ecological aspect, their maintenance conditions and their lifespan must be part of your selection criteria;
  • For materialsSome, such as automatic watering or lighting, require an underground installation whose technical feasibility must be considered at the time of design.

The realization of your garden

Your garden project being defined, you can then proceed to its realization in its different phases: landscaping masonry, preparation of the ground, planting...

Regarding plants, each plant has a favorable period for planting to promote growth or recovery, usually indicated on the product label. The same is true for trees and shrubs.

Also, the art of the garden based on a real know-how, it is strongly advised to call on a professional.

Video Instruction: How to Start a Garden