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We have just taken possession of our house built on crawl space for 2 months, after heavy rains we realized that a large amount of water had infiltrated into the crawl space, flooding the slab from above and the slabs, which produce moisture at the bottom of my placos inside the house and in some places that are distant from each other, knowing that a drain was placed around the crawlspace that the Cinderblocks have been treated against water and are covered with a special coating against moisture. We looked for a problem of plumbing as well as a possible infiltration at the level of the roof without result. So we find ourselves idle in front of this problem that worsens day by day (moisture, mold, paint that skips...) not knowing where to turn, the decennial guarantee sending us to our insurer and vice verça... I ask you so who can we call quickly so that our problem is solved?

The defects noticed in the year following the reception of your house are covered by the guarantee of perfect completion, not yet the decennial and a fortiori by the insurance damage-work.
You must notify them in writing (LR / AR) to the manufacturer, ie the one with whom you have entered the construction contract or the construction contract. It is up to you to fix the time of repair of the disorders observed (generally 60 to 90 days). If you do not answer, you will be interested in initiating a procedure for obtaining an interim order to have the work carried out by a third party company that may be remunerated from the 5% reserve that may have been retained.
The damage insurance-work that is, I remind you, is obligatory and must be subscribed before the beginning of the works, when one makes build or that one builds oneself his house, can be "actuated" only the expiry of the guarantee of perfect completion. It makes it possible to have the work done as quickly as possible without having to worry about the various responsibilities and thus to save a lot of time.

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