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I bought in 2010 an old house that is hit alignment since 1949 (the alignment is to get back to level with the neighbor on the right and left). my wall of facade is very damaged and falls in ruins especially since 3 cars in 3 years came to hit my wall. I would like to demolish, rebuild my wall, put a new gate but not to align with my neighbors because it would force me to break all my interior floor, move my water meter and gas, so additional costs that I do not do not want to take over... If I do this work without aligning me, what can be the consequences? Can the mayor ask me to rebuild and align myself? What are my remedies? thanks for your advices

Many alignment rules were put in place at the time of the "Thirty Glorious", in a move to widen streets and boulevards to facilitate traffic.
It is first necessary to check with the municipal services if these alignment constraints are still in force. Indeed, the cases of abandonment are very numerous.
If this alignment rule is still relevant, and you want to rebuild your fence wall, it will be necessary to request a preliminary declaration of work or even a building permit, which will be accepted only by positioning this wall to the alignment..
If this alignment rule is obsolete, you must be able to rebuild at the location of the old wall.
These councils remain general, only the urban planning services of your commune will be able to bring you a precise answer.

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