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I inherited a house in Africa, not far from the equator. Two seasons, dry and wet and a heat that can reach 40° inside the house. A real bunker. It is cement bricks (sand, pebbles, cement) homemade, with thick walls and irregular. The outer walls even thicker and stone. It lacks air and natural light. I would like to have smooth and regular walls to be able to paint and decorate them. I would also like a natural ventilation throughout the house. She is on the road and on the ground floor surrounded by houses almost on top of each other, in a country where theft is a national scourge! In short, it suffocates! What to do? Thank you for all the help you can give me.

Ventilation, whether natural or mechanical, almost always involves the creation of ventilation openings (suction) in the lower part of the walls, the extraction can be done naturally through openings at the top of the walls (natural ventilation) or roofing via a suction unit (mechanical ventilation controlled simple flow or mechanical extractor). In your case, holes could be made only on the roof for double-flow controlled mechanical ventilation. You could supply the extraction and extraction box with a small photovoltaic power generation system.

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