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The toilet bowl, as well as the toilet seat and the flush, contributes to the comfort and the good functioning of your toilets. Highly sought after on a daily basis and put to the test, it is important to ask yourself a few questions before buying and installing it. What are the criteria to consider when choosing the toilet bowl and how to install it?

To choose the bowl of your toilet

Above all, it is important to focus on the material of the bowl because it must to withstand shocks but also to various cleaning products that we use regularly to clean it. The most common materials are porcelain and enamelled ceramics. There are also bowls in stainless steel or glass to bring a design side. Always favor ease of maintenance and treated materials anti-adherent and anti-limescale.
To choose the shape of the bowl of your toilet, ask yourself what is the space on the floor. The toilets to be installed are the most common even if suspended toilets are more appreciated because they make it possible to save space and facilitate the cleaning of the soil. There is also WC with integrated shower, toilets suitable for children or people with reduced mobility. Side style, there is something for everyone. Retro, classic, contemporary... it's up to you to choose the model that will meet your decorative desires and that will marry best to your shower or sink.

How to put the toilet bowl?

Before acquiring the bowl of your toilet, check the location of the wastewater outlet. Horizontal or vertical, it will condition the choice of the bowl. If it is a bowl replacement, Disassemble the old one beforehand, dust off and remove the remains of joints. Before proceeding with the installation of the new bowl, disassemble the tank from the bowl for more maneuverability. Then place the bowl on the ground and mark with a pencil the holes you need to drill on the ground. Then remove the bowl and drill the holes.
Depending on the nature of the floor, the screws and plugs will be different but always 10mm in diameter. Then place the bowl on its location and connect it to the drain pipe. Check the horizontality with a bubble level then screw the screws into the dowels. All you have to do is apply a silicone seal between the bowl and the floor for ensure tightness and stability of the whole.

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