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A bulb to change, a frame to hang, a hole to recap... the house is full of small jobs of all kinds. Whatever your level of DIY, you always need some tools at your fingertips. Here is the list of essentials to deal with all situations.

The toolbox: essentials for everyday work: essentials

Do not skimp on security. Gloves, goggles and mask protect you from any bumps and splashes of any kind: paint, wood chips, glue... Think also small essential accessories like a winder and a cutter, essential for both small and large jobs.

The do-it-yourself kit for everyday work consists of basic elements. Among them, tools to disassemble and assemble: screwdriver, drill driver and their tips allow you to perform many jobs. Build yourself a nail box as you shop, so you do not get caught off guard at the wrong time.

When laying a simple frame in the living room, you need a hammer, nails and a level ruler. Need to close a hole? A spatula and a scraper are always necessary. If you want to repaint a wall equip yourself with essential: paint tray, roller and brush adapted, not to mention the tarpaulin and tape to work cleanly.

Small electrical work requires a phase tester, flashlight, cutting pliers and wire strippers. Be careful: To safely install an electrical device, use an insulated blade screwdriver.

For plumbing or work on your car, get a set of keys. There are all sizes, from 9 to 19mm, and mixed version.

To build your toolbox, consult the tooling range of several online stores.

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