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Performing an arc welding involves having adequate equipment. And to have the right protections. Because who says welding, says flames, sparks and heat.

Tools for welding

Leather apron, gloves and mask with automatic tint

The toolbox for performing an arc welding: performing

Electrode welding machine (MMA)
Semi-automatic welding machine (MIG-MAG)
Welding station and TIG
Welder's hammer
Wire brush

The importance of the mask

The welder's mask is themandatory accessory. The electric arc is indeed of such intensity that it is impossible to look at it with the naked eye without risk of damaging its retina irreversibly.
Modern masks are equipped with photosensitive sensors and a porthole lined with liquid crystals whose glass adapts to the brightness.
The sensitivity of the sensors is adjustable according to the brightness of the place where you work. On some masks, the dark shade of the door can also be adjusted (grades 8 to 13) depending on the intensity of the current and the type of welding performed (a MIG-MAG welding is much more intense than a MMA).

The toolbox for performing an arc welding: toolbox

The toolbox for performing an arc welding: performing

When the arc appears, the window is instantaneously darkened.The weld is over, the bow disappears and the window becomes clear again.

Precautions to take

  • To avoid splashes of molten metal, it is imperative to put thick gloves and one leather apron. Wear some cotton clothes long-sleeved to protect you from ultraviolet radiation, harmful to high exposure.
  • Indoors put the parts to be soldered on incombustible materials. Protect walls and floors from sparks. Remember to put the welded parts still burning on materials that risk nothing.

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