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Ergonomic and precise, this device makes it possible to control the thermal bridges and prevents the risks of mold due to humidity.

Multifunction detector

Practical advice

Maker: Bosch
Reference: PTD1
targeting: Laser circle
Thermal accuracy: 0.1° C
Scope: from 50 cm to 1 m
Weight: 300 g
Supplied accessories:
protective case,
2 x 1.5V AA batteries
Public price: 130 €

A gun two in one

To save energy and live in a healthy home, it is now useful to carry out thermal and hygrometric checks, operations hitherto reserved for professionals. Presented in the form of a pistol, this device combines these two types of detection. It has two modes for heat loss and a mode to control the humidity level. Although it does not allow a complete thermal assessment, it nonetheless provides reliable indications to undertake the necessary work.

Getting started

The low weight (300 g) and ergonomics of the stock ensure a good grip. Located on the front of the handle, a trigger triggers an infrared detector and a laser circle. On the back side, buttons select the type of surface (absorbent, semi-absorbent or reflective) and the detection mode (surface temperature, thermal bridge and ambient humidity). The indicator light immediately indicates the result according to a color code: green, orange or red. A simple and understandable solution by all. Despite the size of the screen, the indications remain perfectly legible.

In use

The first device to combine two modes of detection (heat and humidity), the PTD1 finds its place in the toolbox for renovations or to control any moisture problems. Compact, it is easily manipulated to take readings on any type of surface, at a distance of between 50 cm and 1 m from the wall. The detection zone (red circle) shows the controlled area. Economical, the device is equipped with an automatic standby to save batteries, housed in the stick.

Use the Bosch PTD1 detector

Use the Bosch PTD1 detector

Buttons select the detection mode and surface type. Above, a screen and a light indicate the result of the controlled area.

Tools: a multifunction thermal and hygrometric detector: thermal

The two batteries 1.5 V AA type take place in the butt of the gun. The access hatch is handled with care.

• Accessible price
• Ergonomics
• Display accuracy of 0.1° C
• Moisture mode
• Good readability
• Infrared sensor range

Our opinion
Affordable, it allows easy control of the humidity of a room, which distinguishes it from its competitors, more expensive and limited to thermal detection only.

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