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Plumber's tools

Because it is always useful to have the right tools at hand, HandymanDuDimanche offers a list of tools (not exhaustive) that will be very useful for your plumbing work.

The clamps

Plumber's tools: used

The bending pliers: used as its name suggests to bend tubes of different diameters. The pliers: used to clamp objects of different diameters. The vice grip: used to block parts. The bung pliers: used to maneuver the tanks, bungs and siphon without damaging them.

The keys

Plumber's tools: plumber

Flat keys: used to tighten and loosen the nuts. Washbasin wrenches: Used for nuts under sinks. Radiator wrenches: Used to evacuate the air from the central circuit of the radiator. Adjustable wrenches: used for many types of works.


Plumber's tools: pliers

Sealant: used for many joints. Teflon tape: used to seal threaded installations. Seals: used for many fittings.

Tools to unclog

Plumber's tools: plumber

The suction cup: used to unblock evacuations (siphons, etc.). The pump unblocker: used when the suction cup is ineffective. The ferret: used to dislodge inaccessible plugs.

Tube cutters

Plumber's tools: used

The tube cutter: used to cut without flattening the copper pipes. The mini-cut tube: used to cut tubes already installed in tight spaces.

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