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Mixed towel radiator

The combined towel radiator ensures the comfort of a warm and cozy atmosphere, in all seasons. Regulated in winter by the boiler, it operates autonomously (electricity) from mid-season, when the boiler is off.

These devices can be equipped with a blower to increase the ambient temperature in a few minutes. More cold bathrooms at the cozy bed jump.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

This type of radiator is integrated into the heating circuit of the house. It therefore works in winter as an open circuit radiator with arrival and return. The control is then ensured by the boiler switching off the heating resistor. The control box keeps the ventilation function.
The shutdown of the boiler, in the middle of the season, gives the electrical resistance its role as a source of heat for heating the radiator liquid directly, in a closed circuit. The control box takes over all of its functions since the boiler stopped is off.
The specific towel-dryer function can be programmed alone or coupled with the closed-circuit heating function.
Other types of towel radiators are independent of the heating circuits. They operate in a closed circuit, the coolant being heated only by an electrical resistance. They may or may not have ventilation. If they are a little less economical, their hydraulic independence makes them easier to mount since the work is reduced to a connection to a socket of a protected "heating" circuit (32 A circuit breaker), equipped with pilot wire or not (system carrier current). In the absence of such a nearby power point, a protected line can be drawn directly from the board.

Poem Model Poem Model

Poem Model Poem Model

  • Duo Design System: Ambient heat and hot towels at the same time (see below).
  • Digital multitarry electronic thermostat with 6-pilot pilot wire.
  • Compatible with programming systems (pilot wire or power line).
  • Programmable with the Pass Program card (delivered as standard).
  • Anti-soiling Process to protect the walls and the device from soiling.
  • Blower for a rapid rise in temperature, equipped with a removable filter and cleanable.
  • Enclosure: time delay for forced or adjustable wind tunnel at 15, 30 minutes, 1 and 2 hours.
  • White color (RAL 9016).

The accessories

  • 2 positionable hooks
  • Discreet control at your fingertips
  • Standard Pass Program Card
  • Blower at the bottom of the device
  • Securit, curved and transparent glass plates acting as heating media for towels
The advantages of the product
  • Double heating system (glasses + vertical poles)
  • Duo System
  • Pass Program
  • Anti-Soiling Process ASP
  • Class II IP 24 CAT.C Device
  • Label Promotelec
  • Label Vivrelec

The curved and heated facade Securit is an exclusive innovation, developed by Saint Gobain This technology offers perfect transparency thanks to a thin layer of invisible tin deposited on the glass. In this way, a double heating system with vertical poles is established, which gives an incomparable heat quality.
The Duo System allows the radiator to operate continuously and deliver constant heat without ever exceeding the safety temperature and even covered with towels through openings on the back or the side (depending on the model) of the device. In mid-season the only towel drying function is ideal.
The programming can be independent of other parts of the house. It is done by the map Pass Program standard on this model or optional for others. The Pass Program card offers 3 pre-programs that can be modified to suit the new rhythms of life in the bathroom.
TheAnti-fouling Process (ASP) protects not only the appliance but also the walls. More of these black marks to wither the decoration around the heater. Airflow is diverted away from the walls, and smooth surfaces with limited temperature are very easy to clean.

(photos / visuals: © Thermor, except special mention)

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