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The regular octagon is a polygon whose eight sides are equal and the eight vertices are equidistant.

Draw a square ABCD

  • Draw two segments [AB] and [CD] perpendicular to their center O and equal to the width of the desired figure.
  • Draw the sides of the square ACBD.
  • Place the media on the 4 sides of the square.

Tracing techniques: draw a regular octagon: draw

  • Draw two lines (FG) and (HI) passing through the midpoints of two opposite sides and the center O of the square.
  • Place the points F, G, H and I so that OF = OG = OH = OI = OA.

Connect all the points of the octagon

  • Connect the points F, G, H and I to the four vertices of the square ACBD to draw the octagon.

Video Instruction: How to draw a regular octagon knowing the length of one side